The Black Keys Sell New Shirt For Akron’s Little League Teams

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 03.10.14 in News

The Black Keys may have left their hearts in Akron years ago — when they decided to move closer to their dreaded nemesis Jack White in Nashville — but that doesn’t mean the duo has stopped supporting their beloved birth city. According to an MTV report, the hometown heroes launched a new T-shirt design today to benefit the West Akron Baseball League both members played in when they were kids.

“It was a really positive hobby that kept us from sitting around watching TV,” explained drummer Patrick Carney. “We are proud to be sponsoring W.A.B.L to hopefully offset some of the leagues expenses and get more kids outside having fun.”

The idea stems in part from last year’s decision to drop $300 on the league’s undefeated Orioles team, who proudly mentioned the group on the back of their orange and black jerseys.

“It’s crazy now,” said coach Steve Milkovich. “People are contacting the league from everywhere, asking to buy one of the jerseys. And that’s so great, but what I think is the most amazing is that the band never asked for anything, not even to be recognized. They just did it because they’re good guys, they remember playing in the league. It was just ‘Here’s the check, go out and win some games.’”

All that sync money has to go somewhere right?