Bishop Nehru, DOOM Share Lead Single From NehruvianDOOM Album

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.07.14 in News

Nearly a year has passed since DOOM and Bishop Nehru announced their collaborative album NeruvianDOOM, the first full-length featuring nothing but DOOM beats since 2003′s Take Me To Your Leader LP. That’d be the one and only solo effort DOOM’s released under his King Geedorah alias. In this case, he’s stepping outside his comfort zone and serving up indie rap samples for the 17-year-old MC, who was recently signed to Nas’s new Mass Appeal imprint.

Judging by “Darkness,” the duo’s debut — developed over the course of a couple studio sessions and countless E-mail exchanges — may be just what both parties needed, with Nehru’s throwback flow sliding right alongside a token DOOM track (see: lots of steam-pressed horns and chunky breaks) as if the last 10 years never happened. Check out the single’s Nehru-directed video below…