Big Noble Announce Debut Album, Featuring Interpol Founder Daniel Kessler

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 11.10.14 in News

Big Noble — the collaboration between Interpol founder Daniel Kessler and sound designer Joseph Fraioli we detailed last month — has finally wrapped its debut record. Due out February 3 through Kobalt Label Services and the duo’s own Affiliates Sound imprint, First Light is described as tapping “the synergistic potential of popular music and sound design, a combination of improvisational guitar, field recordings, and manipulations using modular synthesizers and boutique effects units.”

Judging by its lead single “PEG,” the album leans more on the side of ambient than experimental music, as first explored on one of Fraioli’s film projects way back in 2008. (He’s known Kessler since 1999, when the guitarist signed his Datach’i alias to the electronic-leaning label Caipirinha.)

“[Big Noble is] immersive and perspective-changing,” Fraioli explained in a press release. “Sonically a lot of the arrangements feel technically vast, but there’s an intimacy that I hope listeners will find addictive to escape within.”

Big Noble album cover

First Light:
1. Ocean Picture
2. Stay Gold
3. Autumn
4. Atlantic Din
5. Affiliates
6. Pedal
7. Weatherman Accountable
8. Peg
9. Traveler
10. Vikings