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Big Day Out Cancels 2015 Festival, Blames Lack of Headliners

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.27.14 in News

The only-a-matter-of-time burst of the summer festival bubble appears to have found its first victim: Australia’s Big Day Out event, which has decided to take 2015 off after 22 years of dominating the country’s festival circuit. The move is so momentous the Guardian has devoted an entire page to sharing Big Day Out stories.

In related news, promoter AJ Maddah sold his 50-percent stake to C3 Presents, an American company that added Big Day Out to its growing roster of big ticket events (see also: Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits) in 2012. According to Faster Louder, Maddah blamed the “shortage of headliners on cycle this year” for the cancellation.

“[Foo Fighters] have [a] headline tour,” he added over Twitter. “There was fuck all out there and [OutKast] have been awful live.”

While that may be true, the reported $8-to-$15-million loss of last January’s run— spurred on in part by Blur’s last-minute cancellation — may have something to do with it as well. Either way, C3 Presents has already said they plan on bringing it back down the road. “C3 Presents is proud to own Big Day Out, one of the most iconic and established festival brands in the world,” they said in a statement. “While we intend to bring back the festival in future years, we can confirm there will not be a Big Day Out in 2015. We love working on BDO and are excited about the future.”

As for whether Maddah has pulled out of the promoter game in general, he’s already busy working on the next Soundwave festival, which aims to have four headliners, including a possible Pantera reunion. Also on the TBD list: Against Me!, Anvil, Fear Factory and, err, Papa Roach. This is my last resort, indeed.