Beverly Hills Car Club Puts Joe Strummer’s Thunderbird on eBay

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.14.14 in News

Joe Strummer’s beloved Thunderbird — a Chalfont Blue Ford model from 1963 — has hit the virtual auction block on eBay, with bidding set to end next Thursday and its current sale price hovering at around the $22,000 mark. (Note: That number doesn’t meet the reserve set by the Beverly Hills Car Club, so it’s unclear what the asking price actually is.)

“This is such a special car to me,” said Beverly Hills Car Club owner Alex Manos (via Rolling Stone). “I knew Joe Strummer as a boy growing up in London. He was one of a kind, just like this car. Joe had an enormous love for American cars and I feel it’s serendipitous that this beautiful 1963 Ford Thunderbird is coming to us for sale.”

A climate-controlled garage has reportedly kept the car in pristine condition, enough that its seller is willing to help make shipping arrangements for an out-of-state or international buyer. As for what role this rather pricey piece of memorabilia plays in the history of The Clash, Strummer was known for driving it during the making of his first solo LP, 1989′s Earthquake Weather, which came out four years after the Clash’s widely despised — and aptly named — swan song Cut the Crap. Check out Strummer’s “Gangsterville” video below…