Best Coast Wraps New Album, Defends Sugar Ray

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 05.01.14 in News

According to a studio report from SPIN, Best Coast has finished recording their third album, an as-yet-untitled effort that’s due out through a label other than singer Bethany Cosentino’s recently launched Jewel City imprint.

“Labels have a way of making things happen,” she explained. “Because if I’m responsible for putting it out myself, I’m so scatterbrain that I would probably be like, ‘Oops, the record, I forgot to put it out.’”

Much like last year’s mini-album Fade Away, the duo’s new full-length was produced by Wally Gagel — fun fact: he co-wrote Lou Barlow’s one modern rock hit, The Folk Implosion’s “Natural One” — at California’s Wax Ltd Studios. And while Cosentino’s lyrics still revolve around relationships, the singer/guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno managed to stretch their songwriting out with welcome left turns like a 7-minute “droney jam” that’s heavy on the whammy bar effects. As for how the rest of the record sounds, she cites eveything from Gwen Stefani and the Go-Go’s to … Sugar Ray.

“The record is not going to sound like a Sugar Ray record,” Cosentino clarified. “But it’s definitely something we were talking abut a lot while we were in the studio, and listening to Sugar Ray’s greatest hits. As cool as I want everybody to think I am, I don’t care: I think Sugar Ray has written some really great songs.”

As we wait for more details, here’s a video from Fade Away