Belle and Sebastian Don’t Toe “The Party Line” in Dreamy Video

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 11.18.14 in News

You can take Belle and Sebastian out from among the wallflowers, but you can’t take the wallflower out of Belle and Sebastian.

Your Cover’s Blown,” from 2004′s Books EP, drew overblown Queen comparisons and regally appropriate Nile Rodgers ones, but this spy-theming multi-part disco suite still ends with a tender-hearted plea to “leave the boy home” and “tell your friends to move out to the sticks”; “I’m a Cuckoo,” from the same year’s recently reissued Dear Catastrophe Weakness, admits to “something wrong with me,” whether amid the album version’s Thin Lizzy-dueling licks or the superior Avalanches remix‘s joyous percussion. “The Party Line,” the first single from the Scottish indie-pop heroes’ January 20 Matador album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, is a return to clever, scritchy-scratchy dancefloor fare — “We will pop you,” frontman Stuart Murdoch has said — so it’s only appropriate that the video takes an outsider’s view of the proceedings.

Leblanc + Cudmore direct and Robert Binet choreographs a dream-like, smoke-filled video that offers multi-hued variations on a young person’s night on the town with some snazzy dancers. “There are people going lonely,” Murdoch once sang, and here’s a party that gets the mood right. Watch out for guns and knives, though.