Basia Bulat Answers Questions from the Back of a Cab

Daniel Ralston

By Daniel Ralston

on 06.24.14 in News

During the Sled Island festival in Calgary, Alberta last weekend, I jumped in the back of a cab with Basia Bulat and asked the driver to show us around the city while I asked her a series of questions.

Give me one fact about Calgary. Please make it up.

Calgary is the oldest city on Canada. Oh god, you’re gonna take out the part where you told me to make up the fact. I’m going to sound so stupid!

Tell me one song that right now you feel very connected to.

“Radio Cure” by Wilco.

How much would you have to be paid to play a dictator’s birthday party? Keep in mind he’s going to commit war crimes anyway.

I’m talking a hard line here and saying I wouldn’t do it.

Was there a record that your parents refused to let you listen to?

Not really. Oh, I remember they didn’t want me to watch Married with Children, though!

Can you think of a lyric that grosses you out? (ex: When Dave Matthews sings, “Hike up your skirt a little more/And show your world to me.”)

That’s sort of like the “Your Body is a Wonderland.” That is one for sure, for multiple reasons.

Is there a city where you play where you feel like you have to eat at certain place every time you’re there?

There’s a city in Spain called Vigo. It’s on the border near Portugal. There’s a restaurant there, a tiny little place. The family who owns it knows me and I know them and they have my records and stuff and it’s like visiting family when I go there.

Who do you think can bench-press more; Glenn Danzig, Henry Rollins or Trent Reznor?

Oh, Danzig for sure.