Band of Horses Recording New Album with Grandaddy Frontman

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.18.14 in News

Fans disappointed by the last Band of Horses album (2012′s Mirage Rock LP, a record Pitchfork sunk with a 4.0 review) have something to look forward to on their next effort: sessions with Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle.

“I got this idea stuck in my craw that I wanted to do something different than Mirage Rock,” frontman Ben Bridwell told Pittsburgh’s Post Gazette, “that was so spur of the moment and live and raw. I really wanted to go a bit heavier and denser on this album. So knowing Jason a little bit and being a big fan of his and understanding his talents with production, it just seemed like a really good fit. The new direction I suppose is you can hear some of those tones hanging out, some of the chunkier guitars and stuff like that. So far, it’s a 180 degrees from Mirage Rock, back into some more dense territory.”

No word on when we can expect the effort, especially since the band is busy touring and spread between Nashville, North Carolina and Charleston otherwise. Either way, here’s hoping they capture a couple singles on par with their breakthrough “The Funeral”…