Azealia Banks Leaves Interscope Over ‘Really Stupid’ Dispute

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.10.14 in News

After several delays, false starts and Twitter tantrums, Azealia Banks has finally severed her ties with Interscope Records. “I’m about to get out of my deal!” she wrote earlier today. “That’s the big surprise! I’m feeling like Miss Celie at the end of Color Purple — free at last.

She continued, “I’m gonna have a fresh start. I’m so excited! Now I get to be the cool indie chick I imagined I would be when I was 14 … All I need is to be a member of Interpol and my teenage dreams are complete!”

Banks hasn’t exactly been quiet about the d.o.a. status of her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste. Originally announced in early 2012, and said to include collaborations with Ariel Pink, Theophilus London and Lone, the record has hit countless roadblocks ever since, to the point where the rapper/singer claimed she was essentially saving her best material for another label.

“I’m just keeping stuff until I’m off this label,” she said in an Out interview last month. “I can’t really risk them getting excited about me again. I kind of want them to think that I’m dead. I haven’t been leaking any songs that could potentially be hits. I haven’t been releasing anything that could potentially be phenomenal … It’s like a relationship with an ex-boyfriend, where you kind of do things to make him go away. Like when you don’t brush your teeth. I’m not going to brush my teeth because I don’t want you to think I’m attractive.”

When asked about how she feels about the situation her Interscope dispute put her in, Banks added, “It’s really stupid; it’s really fucking dumb. It sucks. It’s more stupid than anything I’ve ever done on twitter. It doesn’t make sense, you know?”