Tobi Vail

Tobi Vail


Tobi Vail is a writer and musician based in Olympia, Washington, best known for her work in Bikini Kill and Jigsaw. Now the drummer of Knife in the Eye and the frontperson of Spider and the Webs, she has, since 1989, run the print zine, now blog, Jigsaw Underground and is currently preparing the first issue of SHAM PANTS, her first 21st-century print publication. She has contributed to NPR, Artforum, NME, Punk Planet and currently writes a regular column for Collapse Board.

Articles (24)

Interview: Tronics

By Tobi Vail on 12.19.13

When punk collided with pop in the late '70s, the outsider took center stage. The sudden appearance of eccentric groups with their own strange logic — the Shaggs, Electric Eels — spurred record enthus...

Who Are…Potty Mouth

By Tobi Vail on 10.10.13

Potty Mouth is a band comprised of four independent young women struggling to define themselves on their own terms, outside the confines of the usual post-riot grrrl narratives about what it means to...

Interview: The Blow

By Tobi Vail on 10.03.13

The Blow's new self-titled album is Khaela Maricich's first release in seven years. Most artists who pause that long between records struggle to regain their momentum. Instead, Maricich's reinvention...

Who Are…Stillsuit

By Tobi Vail on 09.25.13

Oakland's Stillsuit mix experimental noise rock with punk politics, creating a feminist soundtrack to the confusion of sex and violence in a gendered world. Loud treble guitars in weird tunings duel w...

Who Are…Broken Water

By Tobi Vail on 09.04.13

A few years ago, Olympia had a vibrant punk scene full of talented young bands and, while I was excited by the energy of a new era (Gun Outfit, Milk Music, HPP) and liked some of the music quite a bit...