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Alex Winston, “Careless”

By Tess Duncan on 12.10.14

Alex Winston's grandiose, instantly memorable pop songs have always been underrated, and with time they've only grown more and more befitting of big-name nightclubs rather than dive bars. On the glimm...

Trust Fund, “Cut Me Out”

By Tess Duncan on 11.25.14

"Cut Me Out" starts off with Ellis Jones' lackadaisical falsetto easing through a poignant refrain: "Say whatever you want about her/ she never cut me out." From there Jones' voice sinks into the back...

Colleen Green, “Pay Attention”

By Tess Duncan on 11.21.14

Despite the fact that one of her all-time favorite bands is Blink-182, Colleen Green's new record is titled I Want to Grow Up, and its latest single indicates that she's turning up the volume this tim...

Ex-Cult, “Cigarette Machine”

By Tess Duncan on 11.12.14

Both of Memphis punk band Ex-Cult’s albums contained at least one song that neared the six-minute mark, whether it was to provide a platform for stretches of tangential rock ‘n’ roll solos (“Future Vi...

EP Premiere: Kid Wave, ‘Gloom’

By Tess Duncan on 11.11.14

British-based quartet Kid Wave feel their way through varying strains of garage rock on their upcoming EP. The title, Gloom, doesn’t exactly imply the overall mood of the record, which lands in a beac...

Dream Police, Hypnotized

Sacred Bones By Tess Duncan on 11.11.14

Despite borrowing their name from a platinum 1979 Cheap Trick record, Dream Police have little in common with the power poppers. The two sou...