Robert Ham

Robert Ham

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The Vaselines, V for Vaselines

Rosary Music By Robert Ham on 10.07.14

Growing old gracefully is not easy in the music world, especially for any group whose earliest recordings are still considered their creativ...

Botanist, VI: Flora

The Flenser By Robert Ham on 08.11.14

The creative concept behind Botanist feels like it should have run its course five albums ago. Here was a reclusive gent from San Francisco...

Ben Watt, Hendra

Unmade Road LTD By Robert Ham on 04.29.14

Ben Watt's work, as half of Everything but the Girl and as a DJ/producer responsible for a series of deep house/techno singles over the past...

Various Artists, Dunedin Double

Captured Tracks By Robert Ham on 04.18.14

If there's a potential downside to our ability to easily access any piece of music from anywhere in the world, it is that we might stop seei...