Megan Seling

Megan Seling


Megan Seling is a writer and baker currently living in Nashville (with a big chunk of her heart still living in Seattle). She writes words for The Stranger, The Nashville Scene and Rookie, and she'll show you how to bake a pie into a cupcake at She also yells about music, sugar and hockey on Twitter.

Articles (8)

Braid, No Coast

Topshelf Records By Megan Seling on 07.08.14

I'm so glad Braid broke up. It's not that I wasn't sorry to see them go — I was — but their 1999 break-up spared fans from having to watch t...

Mirah, Changing Light

K Records By Megan Seling on 05.13.14

After going through what her press release refers to as a "scorching" break-up, Mirah did what any grief-stricken human would do — she burne...