Marc Hogan

Marc Hogan


Lead News Writer

Marc Hogan is Wondering Sound's Lead News Writer. He has written for SPIN, Pitchfork and others. His work has been noted by the The New York Times and Da Capo Best Music Writing.

Articles (38)

Parkay Quarts, Content Nausea

What's Your Rupture? By Marc Hogan on 11.11.14

In 2013, less than a year after releasing breakthrough album Light Up Gold, Parquet Courts returned with Tally All the Things That You Broke...

Spoon, They Want My Soul

Loma Vista By Marc Hogan on 08.05.14

When Britt Daniel recently defined Spoon's sound as "indefinable" in an interview with Texas Monthly, he had a point. Two decades and eight...

Gold-Bears, Dalliance

Slumberland Records By Marc Hogan on 06.03.14

Jeremy Underwood, the singer and main songwriter behind Atlanta's Gold-Bears, cut his teeth with sadly overlooked Elephant Six disciples Pla...

PAWS, Youth Culture Forever

FatCat Records By Marc Hogan on 05.08.14

Youth itself is fleeting, but youth culture will always be there for you. That quixotic faith underlies PAWS' sophomore album, a darker, mor...

Tweens, Tweens

French Kiss Records By Marc Hogan on 04.08.14

There must be as many garage-rock songs about boredom as there are American suburbs. But that universal quality can be a plus, especially if...