Louis Pattison

Louis Pattison


International Editor

Louis Pattison is a freelance journalist based in south east London. He’s written about music, art, technology and youth culture for magazines and publications including Uncut, the Guardian Guide, The Wire, FACT magazine, NME and Vice, and formerly held the post of editor at Plan B magazine. His writing has been published in the books 1001 Songs, Black Metal: Beyond The Darkness, and Late Century Dream: Movements In The US Indie Music Underground.

Articles (18)

Eric Chenaux, “Skullsplitter”

By Louis Pattison on 12.04.14

Eric Chenaux isn't so much a one-man band as a one-man orchestra. On the title track of his forthcoming Skullsplitter, due next year on Constellation, he takes electric and nylon-stringed guitars and...

Petite Noir, “Chess”

By Louis Pattison on 12.01.14

The  lyrics to "Chess" were taken directly from an IM conversation with a girlfriend that Yannick Ilunga, the sole member of Cape Town's Petite Noir, had, on the day of this track's recording. By the...

Liam Hayes, “Fokus”

By Louis Pattison on 11.27.14

Like, say, Kevin Shields or Mark Hollis, Liam Hayes is one of those musicians whose reputation partly rests on not releasing music. To be part of this rarefied breed, though, you need to make sure tha...

xxxy, “18 Hours”

By Louis Pattison on 11.26.14

The music of xxxy — real name Rupert Taylor, a British producer currently resident in Berlin — is a slippery thing that betrays any clear line of influence. There's some house in "18 Hours", certainly...

LXURY, “Pick You Up”

By Louis Pattison on 11.17.14

Andy Smith hails from Croydon, a relatively unlovely patch of concrete in South London best known as one of the breeding grounds of dubstep. But the music Smith makes as LXURY floats far above  the hi...

Thurston Moore, “Rosetta”

By Louis Pattison on 11.13.14

"Rosetta" saw the light of day on a cassette circulated by the London-based label Blank Editions earlier this year, but it's pinged back into circulation today, and with good reason: it pays tribute t...