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John Everhart

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Ex Cops, Daggers

Downtown Records By John Everhart on 11.11.14

Ex Cops, composed of Brian Harding (of Hymns), and Amalie Bruun (formerly of Minks), released their auspicious debut True Hallucinations in...

Cymbals Eat Guitars, LOSE

Barsuk Records By John Everhart on 08.26.14

"Here's what I felt like when I was 25/ Still had my family/ Missed them already," confesses Cymbals Eat Guitars frontman Joseph D'Agostino...

Comet Gain, Paperback Ghosts

Fortuna POP! By John Everhart on 08.12.14

Since Comet Gain's inception more than 20 years ago, frontman David Feck has found inspiration in outsiders, the iconoclastic artists who pe...

Hooray for Earth, Racy

Dovecote Records By John Everhart on 07.31.14

With frontman Noel Heroux's trademark unorthodox guitar tunings warped to the point of sounding like braying synths, Hooray for Earth's 2011...

Jolie Holland, Wine Dark Sea

Anti/Epitaph By John Everhart on 05.20.14

An excerpt of Jolie Holland's "Mexico City," from 2008's The Living and the Dead, ended up serving as the epigraph for Jack Kerouac's "lost"...