Jayson Greene

Jayson Greene


Jayson Greene is Senior Editor at Wondering Sound and a contributing writer and columnist at Pitchfork. His writing has also appeared in The New York Times, GQ, Grantland, and Village Voice, among other places. He lives in Brooklyn.

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Song Premiere: Moritat, “Starry B”

By Jayson Greene on 12.02.14

Moritat's "Starry B" is a cool, rounded melon ball of pop, a series of meticulously shaped, succulent sounds. Venus Laurel's voice and echoing keyboards trail up the center of the track like fat bands...

Quarterbacks, “Center”

By Jayson Greene on 11.20.14

How's this for an opening gambit: "Saw your bike on the front porch, saw the light up in your window/ Thought about knocking on your door/ But I was concerned that you had somebody over, I was concern...

Leapling, “Crooked”

By Jayson Greene on 11.19.14

Leapling's "Crooked" is a finely etched art-rock glyph, pressing every line of its shape insistently into your mind. The band is the project of Brooklyn songwriter Dan Arnes, and he arranges elements...