A$AP Rocky Flaunts His Style in “Multiply” Video with Juicy J

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.03.14 in News

When A$AP Rocky spoke with Wondering Sound senior editor Jayson Greene, musical influences discussed included DMX, the Diplomats and David Bowie. The Long.Live.A$AP rapper’s newly shared “Multiply,” which arrives in the form of a video, includes multiple mentions of two fallen rappers: 2Pac and UGK half Pimp C. There’s also a reference to Tumblr. Set in New York, the video intersperses dramatically lit shots of A$AP Rocky with imagery of drugs and middle fingers, and is bookended by spoken-word segments from Juicy J. The whole thing ends with a down-pitched musical allusion to Houston’s screw scene. “My motherfuckin’ swag is immaculate/ Plus I got enough style just to mack your bitch,” Rocky raps at one point. If he’s the hip-hop figure who pulls out what is most stylish from various scenes like a social-media user collating images from the internet, here’s a paradigmatic example. The arithmetic — “If the real niggas live, fake niggas won’t multiply” leads to “We don’t ever die, we just multiply, bitch” — isn’t taught in elementary school, though it could lend itself well to a college course.