Album Premiere: Walking Bicycles, ‘To Him That Wills the Way’

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 08.04.14 in News

The anguish that powers To Him That Wills the Way, the fourth LP from the Chicago group Walking Bicycles, is audible from the get-go. Early in the album, over a black storm of grinding, doom-metal guitars, Jocelyn Summers wails pained lyrics of loss and separation. “Tell her that I miss her/ but I’m not coming back,” she sings, as a storm heaves and lurches behind her. She knows that of which she sings. The album was inspired by the two-year incarceration of her husband and fellow band member Julius Moriarty for marijuana possession, and it delivers catharsis and frustration in equal amounts. In an interview with Redeye Chicago, Moriarty describes the experience as “a dark abyss,” and that darkness seeps into the record; “Eyesore” pitches and kicks and “War Paint” is tense and coiled, Summers sighing “Nothing good will come from this” as drums and guitars gather like an onrushing storm. At times it recalls the bleak psychedelia of the best Jane’s Addiction songs, but To Him is darker and more threatening. It’s a driving, potent record, driven by an aching heart and fueled by driving, hammering riffs.