Album Premiere: SIINAI’s Hypnotic, Otherworldly ‘Supermarket’

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 06.16.14 in News

We were riveted by this one from the first note we heard. A concept album that sets out to capture the eerie, strangely unnatural environment of the supermarket, the album feels like the soundtrack to some sort of surrealist horror film. It opens ominously, with layers of Goblin-esque atmospherics, before easing into the weird kraut-prog hybrid “Shopping Trance.” From there, it’s like some Tomorrowland ride gone wrong — the Kraftwerkian pulse of “AEIOUYAÄÖ,” the thumping doom-funk of “Smiling Casheir.” It all adds up to a final project that is magnificently strange, one of the year’s oddest and most captivating records.