Album Premiere: No Monster Club, ‘People Are Weird’

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 02.02.15 in News

Ireland’s Bobby Aherne is a pop wizard, capable of cramming sugary melodies into marvelously minimal packages. You can hear is unfailing knack for strange, semi-psychedelic melodies throughout People Are Weird, his excellent new record that drenches pop music in fluorescent tie-dye for a final product that is as delightfully loopy as it is utterly irresistible. That a song called “The Severed Head” would come off not as a doomy march but a brain-busting hybrid of Kid Silver and mid-period Flaming Lips is testament enough to Aherne’s unconventional approach. Throughout People Are Weird, gang vocals loop-de-loop, Aherne croons, light-up synths and guitars covered in Pixie Stix dust. It’s a wild, wonderful trip — a Saturday morning cartoon on a heavy dose of ‘shrooms.

People Are Weird is limited to a cassette run of 100, so pre-order yours today.