Album Premiere: Mattson 2, ‘Agar’

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 09.15.14 in News

Jonathan and Jared Mattson kick-start Agar with a whoop in unison, almost as if to proclaim their uncontrollable excitement to dive into the delirious mix of instrumental improv that immediately follows. The twins’ fourth studio album is kinetic and versatile, oozing with soul that bottles up a heartfelt, innovative approach to free jazz, not unlike that of ‘60s-era Charles Mingus. Up-tempo opener “Peaks of Yew” boasts Jared’s surf-rock-infused dexterity, as he whittles away at each guitar chord in conjuction with Jonathan’s amorphous wash of drums. The ambience shifts considerably on “Pure Ego Death” though, which feels about as morbid as the title indicates. Eerie, supernatural loops make it fitting for an apocalyptic sci-fi film, but the title track picks things back up with fiery experimental solos from both members that indicate the nearly telepathic connection the brothers share. Agar is out September 16th on Um Yeah Arts but stream the album in full now!