Album Premiere: The Limiñanas, ‘(I’ve Got) Trouble In Mind’

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 09.12.14 in News

When we spoke to French duo the Limiñanas back in December, Lionel Limiñana shared how he and his wife, Marie Limiñana, bonded at a young age over their shared taste in music. “We met at age of 17 and fell in love,” he said. “I was listening to a lot of Back from the Grave [garage] comps, Remains, Stooges and Otis Redding. Marie was into the Sex Pistols and Berurier Noirs. We began to idolize the Seeds, the Chocolate Watchband, Serge Gainsbourg and developed a real deep obsession for the…ultra-obscure American ’60s garage stuff. It was before the Internet and totally exciting.”

You can hear the results of that obsession throughout the group’s excellent singles-and-rarities compilation (I’ve Got) Trouble in Mind. “I’m Dead” rattles and shakes like a classic Seeds song, the title track pounds and pulses, Marie intoning the chorus over a rollercoaster bassline and “Liverpool,” with Lio’s basement-baritone spoken-word French intro recalls Gainsbourg at his most seductive. But the Limiñanas don’t just mimeograph the past — all of the songs on Trouble bear their distinctive brand. Their most alluring quality is their ability to infuse every song with a palpable sense of mystery: vocals curl like cigarette smoke in low light, guitar lines snake and slither and percussion builds insistently and ominously, like dark clouds rolling in on the horizon. Trouble is the perfect introduction to their strange, haunting world — an invitation written in curling calligraphy to an eerie, secret costume party.

[(I've Got) Trouble in Mind will be released on September 30 on Trouble in Mind.]