Album Premiere: Greylag, Greylag

David C. Casey

By David C. Casey

on 10.06.14 in News

Between the rolling-wheels acoustic strumming and the determined boot-stomps-along-the-highway-shoulder blues, Greylag‘s debut self-titled LP travels an open road, whether cruising with the roof down in the sun or haunted in the drifting fog. Produced by Phil Ek (Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes), a master of this particular avenue of indie rock, this collection follows a more traditional path than some of its popular folk-rock peers, like the bluesy, backwoods tunes of Blitzen Trapper but without the funky subversiveness. Andrew Stonestreet’s voice takes cues from Ek’s former partners, with hints of Ben Bridwell’s soaring, buzzing attack and Robin Pecknold’s earnest airiness. The most interesting passages, however, allow for the slightest wisp of Jeff Buckley’s tremulous low-end, building a ghostly atmosphere that carries us across a map scrawled with directions from here to anywhere else.