Album Premiere: Gravenhurst, ‘Offerings: Lost Songs, 2000-2004′

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 11.24.14 in News

“It’s the quiet thrill of the mundane/You can’t explain.” So sings Gravenhurst, a.k. Nick Talbot, on “The Citizen,” the haunting opener of Offerings:Lost Songs 2000-2004. The line also summarizes the appeal of Gravenhurst’s muted, spare acoustic records, which stretch back ten years on Warp. Fans have new reasons to celebrate the enigmatic singer/songwriter’s surehanded grasp of mood and tone; Lost Songs, out 12/2, gathers together previously unheard tracks and demos, and will be released on Warp alongside reissues of Black Holes in the Sand and Flashlight Seasons. Taken as a whole, the three albums present a grim, gorgeous, placid universe, a world entirely Gravenhurst’s own. The meaning of his songs is elusive—”A lot of the time I make choices for song titles based purely on the phonetics … I’ll choose a title first and then a song will kind of find its way out of there,” he noted in a recent brief documentary—but the mood is crystalline, his finger-picked guitar notes hitting like cold raindrops on your forehead.