Album Premiere: The Doozies + Flower Girl’s Winsome ‘Live in the Basement’

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 07.09.14 in News

If the music you want to make doesn’t fit under one band, just start two: That’s the lesson behind Flower Girl and the Doozies. Six people, two cities (New York and D.C.) and two bands—that’s the math. Two of them are brothers, and their last name, Van Duzen, is where “Doozies ” comes from. Now the twobands are collaborating on an LP, and this is what you get: 16 songs total, split roughly in half, and between the two of them, they covber most of the garage-pop bases. The Doozies cover all the sticky, stuck-bubblegum side of things—”A Doctor” is a love song with cheap soda spilled all over its surface. Flower Girl, as their name might tip off, are dreamier, moonier, and altogether Byrdsier. Taken together, they push on just about every pleasure center that this type of loosely made, casually winsome music hits. You can preorder the album here, and stream it below.